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Company name:Hunan Er-Kang (Cambodia) Investment Co.,

Hunan Er-Kang (Cambodia) Investment Co., Ltd. (“Er-Kang Cambodia” for short) was established in Kingdom of Cambodia in 2013, which marked ER-KANG’s engagement in the sector of pharm-grade cassava starch.Wholly funded by HUNAN ER-KANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. , Er-Kang Cambodia, as the executor of this pharma-grade cassava starch project (annual output 180,000 tons) , is specialized in the R&D of the products related to pharm-grade cassava starch and citric acid.

Adhering to the business philosophy "Prospect Future Lies in Professionalism; Great Success Attributes to Quality ", as well as to the corporate mission “Drug Safety Above Everything” and the corporate policy "Harmony, Loyalty, Diligence, Performance", Er-Kang Cambodia is determined to channel its ambition in the field of pharmaceutical grade cassava, in an attempt to lay a solid foundation for the strategic development of the three key business segments, namely, traditional pharmaceutical excipient, revolutionary starch capsules, and trioctyl citrate----the new-type pharmaceutical excipient.

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