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Company name:Hunan Er-Kang BeiShan Gelatin limited

Hunan Er-Kang BeiShan Gelatin limited is a modern gelatin manufacturer based in Xiangying (to the south of Yueyang city), which, funded by ER-KANG , was established right after Er-Kang’s successful acquisition of Changsha Beishan Gelatin limited (member of Chinese Gelatin association) in 2014.

Following Er-Kang’s corporate mission “Drug Safety Above Everything”, Beishan Gelatin is committed to providing safe and quality product to its clients by strict accordance with the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" standards and GMP requirements in the whole process from raw materials to final products. Advanced technology, comprehensive quality management system, and sophisticated testing equipment forge the super quality of Baishan Gelatin products. BeiShan major product line: 1.Pharmaceutical grade gelatin, 2.Food grade gelatin. The edible gelatin by BeiShan Gelatin, as an ideal protein source rich in amino acids, is a good quality food additives widely used in the food industry.

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